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Raghurajpur, is a kind of living art fair. Alive! Why? The attraction of Orissa is the restless, restless waves of different colors of the Puri sea and the town of Raghurajpur has created an industrial wave just 10 km from that beach.

The town is known as the Art Town of the family of 120-140 painters. As you enter the town, the touch of the artist’s brush on each wall of the house will indicate that you have arrived at a living collection of art. This village is the custodian of the ancient pottery art of Orissa.
Patchitra means painting on cloth. Eighteen layers are first applied on the tassar or cotton cloth and then using natural or organic dyes, images from mythology and folklore such as Radhakrishna, Jagannath Balaram Subhadra, Goddess Durga, Ganesha, Raslila, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. are drawn. .
On palm leaves, palm leaves, wooden objects, on stones, on glass bottles, on coconuts, on betel nuts, on palm seeds, artists have painted an unprecedented variety of colors . Every woman and man in this town is gifted with God-given talent. At the entrance of the town two paths have gone in both directions. In the middle is the village temple, whose walls are rich in artifacts. As soon as I walked in, it would seem I arrived at this art fair, every artist’s canvas on the wall in the house. The artists invite visitors to their homes and treat them with kindness. Gives details about the origins and techniques of the industry. Artists also sell their works of art.

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) screened a documentary about Raghurajpur in 1997. Then in 2000, Raghurajpur was declared a “Heritage Village”.

Raghurajpur’s industry has gained international status. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Raghurajpur and buy paintings here.
The people of Raghurajpur have brought Indian culture to the world.

How to reach Raghurajpur

Raghurajpur Auto or Toto Reserve can be reached at a distance of 10-12 km from Puri. The rent is between 300-400 rupees (more or less).
Also, you have to get off at Chandanpur by bus from Puri bus stand. 15 minute walk from there. Or go to Raghurajpur by rickshaw.
Raghurajpur is about 55 km from Bhubaneswar on the NH-203.

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