TOP 40 Best Free Pikitemplates Blogger Templates 2021

Have you come across Blogger templates developed by The templates designed by them are made for publishing high-quality, premium, responsive, AMP, and the latest free blogger templates.

A list of the best new free Google Blogger Pikitemplates based on the Piki team that makes them fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Also, they have the latest web browsers and can adapt quickly. It provides lifestyle, food, personal, fashion, banking, travel, technology, or any other blog project.

TOP 40 Best Free Pikitemplates Blogger Templates 2021

Let’s view all the best free piki responsive blogger templates.

What is Pikitemplates?

Pikitemplates provides the best templates with wonderful features and high-quality outlines. Which you can use on your blog and create a professional blog by applying to your Blogger website. PK templates are now a popular Blogger theme store that allows Google Blogspot users to purchase a variety of themes in HTML templates for the Blogger platform.

Why Best Piki Templates?

There are many features available in all the templates, which will help you to rank in Google. All designs are trendy with great customization features. Change colors to suit your brand, edit content, and spend time with your content. Why should we use the new Piki Blogger template on our Blogspot blog? Since these come with heavy features, all of our templates make them perfectly available to bloggers, both for free.

  • Professional – Also, the given picket templates are basically designed in shortcodes and typography like professional management-level coding, which you can easily use to create your blog.
  • SEO Friendly – OK, for all coding themes that provide full SEO support. You can use any topic of your blog to easily get ranked in your search engine without any problem.
  • Responsive Designs – All templates are fully responsive on mobile devices, tablets and desktops, no problem. All Blogger templates are well designed and crafted with optimal optimization.
  • Features – All these designs are of high quality and the most impressive design. They publish new modern and original themes for Blogspot blogs. Some features are, and many more.
  • Customer Support- Pikitemplates was founded in 2017 to perform as well as support web development acquisitions and it provides Google themes and 24-hour customer service. In each topic to provide a free and paid complete setup documentation link to install that template on your blog.

List of Top 40 Best Premium and Free PikiTemplates In 2021

News Blogger Template

News Blogger  Template

News Blogger  Template
News is a simple design that fully supports the theme for creating Google ads blogs and magazine websites. It features amazing effects that come with the needs of customers. Additionally, the Quick jQuery function provides an automatic post uploader template button. You know that Google LLC maintains Blogger. For the most part, people take advantage of them and create news portal sites and make money at no cost. If you bought this premium theme for your blog, it would be a professional website.

Jobiki Blogger Template

Jobiki Blogger Template
Jobiki is an elementary education and job blogger topic that will be your best choice. It looks professional and visually appealing, which is especially effective when using a high-quality template. With this responsive design theme, the author can simply create a microformat job portal news blog. He added the default Ajax function app to speed up his blog and increase the user experience. See and pick your favorite subject.

Missile Blogger Template

Missile Portfolio Responsive Blogger Template
A missile is the best template with fast loading in browser capabilities and customers want to get it. It is built with many features and default widget scripts. If you are going to create a portfolio blog or web design site, this is one of the unique template for the Blogger platform. The latest outline format has been optimized which gives any kind of error when indexing your post in search engine webmaster.

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Blink Blogger Template

Blink is the most beautiful newspaper blog layout design blogger theme created by a new blogger framework.
Blink Blogger Template is the most beautiful newspaper blog layout design blogger theme created by a new blogger framework. PK’s Customer Support is available for premium users and offers the latest FontAsom Icon Pack with CDN Cloudflare. The layout of this Blogger template using the navigation admin panel lets you easily create blog posts with alert message error boxes, table of contents, code boxes. This amazing template design, easy SEO features, email inbox, user scrolling, and email notifications give you a good blog without coding knowledge. If you need help with customization and customer service issues, you can contact Pikitemplates for free. So Blink is a colorful and responsive loading time, email address subscription automation tool to create a topic that creates more blogger post options.


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Dope Blogger Template

Dope is a Creative & Responsive Blogger Template
Dope has amazing features, including a fully customizable Blogspot theme, suitable for personal and individual blogs that need to adapt to the impressive design in their case. The Blogger Templates Framework Options panel lets you configure aspects of the design theme such as the attractive appearance of the pitch. Various advanced features such as email subscriptions, all custom widget benefits bring your new experience to the Blogger website. It’s easy when you do a pretty flawless job on Blogger.

Super Center Blogger Template

Super Center Blogger Template
Super Center is another heavy fast-loading design theme passing Blogger templates, PageSpeed ​​Insights and legitimate tools for Google mobile devices. This theme helps lazy loading images to give the font a great icon that looks great. The same implementation with the latest CSS tagging and coding helps you to rank popular search engines. This template has fully SEO-optimized metadata that has no duplicate website, and Easy Navigation Manager creates a professional blog.

Funnel SEO Blogger Template

Funnel SEO is a Responsive Blogging Blogger Template,
Funnel SEO is a responsive blogging blogger template that has created a blog using a blogging theme. We know how to make money online by default on Blogger without buying a premium Blogger template. The authors of PK have created another amazing theme for the Google Blogspot platform. This theme is easy to use to create the best user interface in one minute.
Most minimal gadgets Easy edit from theme designer in layout admin tool for a clean, finished look. The big-box tool is Ajax Script, which is the theme used because it will respond and load quickly, it is compatible with Google AdSense and fully compatible with SEO.

Limitless News Blogger Template

Limitless News Blogger Template is responsive news blog theme for google blogspot.
A free premium look template with infinite news, infinite fresh and many features of creative design, the news post is so elegantly described. This theme has a dark mode option you can control night mode and day mode with one click. Paid support customers can upgrade, can always help you with any kind of issue about you available.

Mirror Blogger Template

Mirror is a Elegant & Resposnive blogger blogging template

Mirror is a stylish and responsive blogger blog template for the Blogspot platform that is used to create a perfect creative-looking website in minutes. With unlimited layout positions, plus a smooth layout, the templates are amazing. It is designed for the best SEO performance and demand of Blogspot users. Mirror with amazing features, easy setup with your blog layout and easy key project with customization.

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Piki Salon Blogger Template

Piki Salon is a premium public Barber blog themes includes suitable widgets and new settings that are been designed for improves the beauty of superb institution websites.

Piki Saloon is a premium public hairdresser blog theme that includes appropriate widgets and new settings designed to enhance the beauty of an excellent organization website. Well coded with great forms like CSS and HTML, these are powerful for creating designer websites for blogspot users. Almond is an exclusive salon template built with all the beauty, also a beautiful niche blog that is a covered athlete space.

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Max Gym Blogger Template

Max Gym Blogger Templates is a  Health & Fitness with newly designed free blogger templates

Max Gym Blogger Templates is a health and fitness program with newly designed free blogger templates. This blog template with highly SEO-optimized responsive design. Health and fitness blogging is not only an entertaining twist, you can also create a fitness blog. With Max Jim, you can now create a health blog but according to your plan. Whether you’re hoping to start a personal, food, travel, DIY, fashion, political, health, sports, or any other blog, and everything and everything is uploaded to the super-fast blog.

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Limitation Blogger Template

Limitation is a uniquely designed for blogging blogs approach meet use wants to achieve their needs the panels.

Limitation is a blogging method designed exclusively for blogging that caters to users ’desire to meet their needs on the dashboard. It is a 100% mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and ad-ready template. Limitation is a versatile theme suitable for designers and developers. You are developing blog templates based on magazines, multimedia and blogs.

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Newsiki Blogger Template

Newsiki  is a perfect release blogger theme for a news or magazine site with the focus of bringing and operate visitors on site easyly.

Newsiki is a perfect launch blogger theme for a news or magazine site to easily attract and manage visitors to the site. This makes strong SEO best practice, and what’s more, it’s done, it’s simple and easy to use. Even the single is beautiful, but it keeps that magazine feeling the screen size of all laptops.

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Snog Lite Blogger Template

Snog Lite is a perfect free responsive template for blogger for small news, who went to create fast setup an online megazine blog within minutes and start publish their contents with expertise.

Snog Lite is a perfect free response blogger template for short news, who quickly builds up an online magazine blog in minutes and starts posting your content with experience. This Blogger theme gives you a variety of options, a flexible customization Blogspot admin panel that is easy to customize and features professional. It is suitable for all online blogging sites, showcases and even portfolios.

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Piki Snog Blogger Template

Piki Snog is a another template flaxible design in full appearance features there are design and home page

Piki Snog is another flexible layout template with full look feature, layout and homepage. Piki Snug is a free responsive blogger theme fully available with modern design. It’s very lightweight, quick to pack for storage, and a nicely fresh look that’s great for blogs or magazines. A leading PageSpeed ​​Insight score, a fast pindum time, and a deep combination of common tools, will help you harness the SEO potential of your blog.

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Nixe Blogger Template

Nixe is a flat, clean, super flexible theme and fully reactive blogger template , fully suited for technology, news or blog websites.

Nixe Blogger Template is a flat, clean, highly flexible theme and fully responsive blogger template, perfect for technology, news or blogging websites. This is a Creative Tech Basic Blogger template that comes with modern design, speed and footer ads. The theme is easy to pack and customize with features. The theme is very responsive and easy to use. It is ready with lots of art objects and custom widgets. I hope you enjoy it and get a great opportunity to publish your articles.

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Lynx Blogger Template

Lynx is a responsive, modern and smart blogger theme.

Lynx is a responsive, modern and smart blogger theme. This template includes many unique features for your perfect blog. This theme is designed and is suitable for any Blogspot niche. This is a clean and professional blogger template with a rich design, designed to stand out on all types of blogs. This is a perfect choice for your interesting blog design, personal blog, beauty blog, fashion blog, authority blog, or any kind of simple magazine or blog writer. The template is flexible and provides a powerful keypad with additional possibilities for creating your perfect blog.

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Piki Jokes Blogger Template

Piki Jokes is Best Website Templates for Blogs 2021

Piki Jokes is the best blog website template 2021, moden on blogspot platform and unique fast loading SEO friendly theme. Cartoon Jokes Meme Content Marketing Blog Theme by Pikitemplates. This Blogger template is a very simple Blogger Blogger theme, a unique Joker memes design and a fancy post painting idea. This theme focuses on portable users with its functional plan and easily beaten page layout. This is a fully responsive theme that can enhance user performance based on screen size or device type.

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Speed Lighter Blogger Template

This is impressive loding fast blogspot blogging theme  on the platfrom . This template is turned for Blogger from premium WordPress theme.

Speed Lighter – This is a great fast-loading Blogspot theme for the platform. Transforms Speed ​​Lighter Template for Blogger from Premium WordPress Theme. It features a clean and responsive theme layout, flexible slider, fast loading, SEO optimization, flying menu, page navigation and it comes with a stylish comment box. This template is best for any newspaper department to meet the needs and wants of the user. 

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Speedy Blogger Template

Speedy Blogger Template is a modest, clean, Multipurpose popular Blogspot theme with an top speed performance with first codes.

Speedy Blogger Template is another popular modest, clean and versatile Blogspot theme with top speed performance with basic code. The template is fully usable, clean, creative, with a user-friendly layout and fast loading speed, the theme is easy to customize in design and very flexible to get and use. Its modern and simple design makes it significantly faster and more suitable for any type of website for blogging purposes. Portfolio, personal blog, photography, events, restaurants, hotels, magazines. If you create a website, you can buy it from your blog project.

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BLighter Blogger Template

Blighter is the one of expert blogger template in blogspot platform with First Pro level gadgets have been made quick loading and responsive.

BLighter is one of the leading Pro gadgets among the specialized Blogger templates on the Blogspot platform that loads quickly and is responsive. This thematic blogging blog is a website that looks like a diary or magazine that shouts about your feelings and opinions like a blogger template. This is the most advanced Blogspot template in this category and if you have created a Blogspot blogging site, this template helps you meet all your needs. This is your blog’s customizer so you can customize the colors, fonts and you can choose from many options.

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Ultra Saas Blogger Template

Ultra Saas is a web developer blogging Layout Responsive Blogger Template is a beautiful combination of elegance and unity.

Ultra Saas Blogger Template is a web developer blogging layout Responsive blogger template beautiful combination of elegance and unity design. It is based on the elegant mega design which gives this template a great touch and feel. We’ve analyzed it to give you some advice on how to rebuild, so it goes really well with your website. You can use it on your blog or it can also be used on your professional blog, whatever it is, it can help you with any kind of blogging-related site.

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Piki Bloggers Blogger Template

Piki Bloggers is an elegant theme from professional servicing Blogger Blogging.

Piki Bloggers is a stylish theme from Professional Blogger Blogging Services. It is designed to satisfy your audience with a clean, dedicated and elegant design. It is very light to use and ideal for beginner bloggers or advanced bloggers. Fully responsive it adapts to any screen size from any resolution and extends all modern browsers. Piki Bloggers blogs give you the ability to customize your blog to your liking, in no time. The balance of functionality will ensure that you get a stylish option. Which is why it’s my favorite blogging template in the blogging world.

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Pixy Newspaper 10 Blogger Template

Pixy Blogger Template is a beautifully designed fashion news and elegance blogger theme with a well-optimized responsive 4 layout.

Pixy Newspaper 10 Blogger Template is a beautifully crafted fashion news and charming blogger theme with 4 responsive layouts well customized. Whether you post on training, OOTD, travel, or beauty newspapers and blogs, it looks impressive in any niche. This is a fully loaded and optimized SEO theme built with the latest Blogger coding framework, giving you a fast loading theme. Fully designed, this theme brings you new cover features, which allow you to create something unique on a news website and allow you to use it without any coding knowledge. This theme also provides a stylish section with base design.

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Booster Mag Blogger Template

Booster Mag Blogger template is a clean and elegant theme for Blogspot Blog.

Booster Mag Blogger Template is a clean and elegant Blogspot theme for blogs. Compatible with all magazines, journals, viral magazines or any type of blogging website. Made in sophisticated technology. The responsive design helps the theme, looks great on all devices and also has the fastest page loading speed. This theme is designed for those who want to create a light weight blog with a unique and elegant look.

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Piki Lyrics Blogger Template

Piki Lyrics  Free Blogger Templates. with Inspiron Outfitted with an elegant design has a clean and tune theme properly suited for music blogs.

Piki Lyrics is a free blogger template. You have a clean and melodious theme with Inspiron decorated in a sleek design that is perfect for music blogging. This theme provides category-appropriate design for trending music listings with amazing lyrics website features, SEO friendly and responsive layout with Google AdSense compatibility. So you can create a music review website in one minute using it.

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Piki Job Alert News Blogger Template

Piki Job Alert is also another best free Blogger template for job information providing sites.

Piki Job Alert is one of the best free blogger templates for job information sites. This template is perfect for online job search engines, freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, or any type of product that you can quickly and easily create on the online job portal. Piki Job porta Alert is the ideal theme for anyone who creates job website portals, and if you create a professional blog using free blogger templates to share news of job portals online.

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Piki True Job Blogger Template

Piki True Job is a Blogger Template is a simple and elegant Education affair Blogspot theme with all the latest and updated features.

Piki True Job is a Blogger template a simple and elegant educational Blogspot theme with the latest and updated features. Perfect for small businesses, freelancers, or if you have a product that you want to present. Piki True Job is one of the best active and clean free blogger templates for online job news portal provider sites. Keep your news up to date on the blog page which makes it new and up-to-date.

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Piki Mag Blogger Template

Piki Mag blogger template is blogging mega level with advanced features including also fast loading and a clean look blogging theme.

Piki Mag Blogger Template is a mega blogging level with fast loading and advanced blogging themes. This is a free premium fashion blogger figure design and grid box post layout for your needs and your clients. This theme offers many opportunities to help you easily create an impressive and unique fashion site. The theme looks great on discs and mobile devices due to its responsive design and retina graphics. It comes with a variety of pages, widths and layouts, including a wide range of color schemes, font rendering, icons and more. If you are looking for a traveling blogger model, this is the best option for you.

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Mizz Style Stylish Blogger Template

Mizz Style Blogger Template is an amazingly Framework gird designed compound blogger theme with a perfectly optimized responsive layout.

Miz Style Blogger Template is an amazing framework-designed composite blogger theme with fully optimized responsive layout. It looks beautiful in any niche, whether you reproduce it in a structured blog, OOTD, travel or beauty. This is a full load, full load, SEO optimized theme created with Blogger’s new coding structure, it’s a fast loading theme. Well made, this theme brings you new art, lets you create something unique in a few easy steps and allows you to customize it without any coding experience.

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Piki Movie Blogger Template

Piki Movie Blogger Template is a fully responsive Blogger theme designed for movie and video download websites.

Piki Movie Blogger Template is a fully responsive blogger theme designed for movie and video download websites. A varied, new and professional interface with your own passwords will make your movie sites look interesting, engaging and easy to use. Piki Movie is a sophisticated entertainment theme ideal for movie, television, film companies and signature author review websites.

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Antinia SEO Blogger Template

Antinia SEO is advanced well optimized in SEO and user friendly and gradient look with fully compatible faster Blogspot blogging theme for bloggers.

Antinia SEO is SEO friendly, with good SEO optimized and degraded look and a fast and fully compatible Blogspot blogging theme for bloggers. Antinia SEO is the most interesting theme for fans of the simple design of Blogspot. Excellent SEO coding techniques have been completed to give a perfect page speed score and load time. Themes are very easy to use and customize, lightweight and SEO friendly. It is 100% responsive on desktop and mobile devices, allowing it to be search engine friendly.

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Zamia Blogger Template

Zamia Style blogger template is a premium and free news magazine blogger template, acquiring to your needs and your customers’ expectations.

Zamia Style blogger template is a free premium news magazine blogger template, tailored to your needs and customer expectations. This theme offers various possibilities to help you easily create an effective and unique news website. The theme looks great on tablets and mobile devices due to its responsive design and retina graphics. It comes loaded quickly with many surface sachets, wide and boxed layouts, it has infinite color layouts, many fonts, icons and much more. If you are looking for a small Piki News Blogger template, this is the best option for you.

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All Theme is built by don’t permission to sell Or distribute templates without paki author Permission. We just review all paki developer templates and we don’t any credit here templates.


All templates are designed and made with pikitemplates, especially a premium design and an elegant look that enhances the creativity of these websites.

So, I’ve listed responsive templates via piki templates, a versatile magazine theme that has highly custom functionality. It, therefore, uses the latest web development and is ideal for all types of multi-niche websites and templates, especially for gadget-based magazines, technology, web design, development and blogging.

Make sure you download and use it to create online websites. Each template contains easy-to-use patches and bookmarks for interfaces, references, thumbnails, and simple, interactive functionality.

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