TOP 10 Websites for Learn PHP Online

PHP stands for HyperText Preprocessor. It is widely used in creating programmed functions for websites because it is easy to learn and the PHP syntax is made from another widely used language, which makes it familiar to many programmers. It is a server scripting language and a powerful tool for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP now has 244 million websites installed. You already know that PHP is a cross-platform technology.

One of the best things about PHP is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the huge number of web hosting companies that support it. Today hundreds of thousands of developers are using PHP, and surprisingly not so many, considering that millions of sites are known to have installed PHP. Here I show you the best websites to learn PHP.

PHP Learning Website: –

1) –

This is the official website of PHP. The first place to visit Everything you need to know about PHP on this site. Here you can start PHP with basic knowledge. To learn PHP with and start designing websites with PHP.

2) W3 School: –

W3Schools is a good place to learn PHP. I personally learned HTML / CSS with the help of this website. This website provides all web-based language tutorials.

3) LearnPHPOnline: –

Learn PHP Online One of the best places to learn all about PHP. Here you will find all the tutorials related to PHP. I have already used this website to learn PHP online.

4) PHP buddy: –

PHP Buddy is the best place to learn PHP. This site contains many articles and tutorials in PHP. Using this website you can get everything you need to learn PHP.

5) Create PHP: –

Developing PHP is a great place to learn PHP. Here you can find articles on how to develop a website using PHP. You can create a website with PHP step by step using this site.

6) About PHP: –

PHP is the perfect place to learn about PHP. You will learn about how to use PHP functions, loop, PHP and HTML together, how to use time and calendar, create forms, use rewire instructions, countdown and general math functions.

7) Tijag: –

Tizag has everything you need to know about PHP programming. They have some basic tutorials that are great for beginners and designed to explain some advanced PHP topics.

8) 9 lessons: –

9lessons is a blog founded by Shinibas Tamada. Here you can find everything about PHP. Here you can get new knowledge about PHP programming and much more.

9) StackOverFlow: –

Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer site for professional and enthusiastic programmers. Here you can find everything about PHP. It is the highest-ranked ranking forum in the world.

10) PHPGang: –

PHPGang is a programming blog run by Mr. Box Panhar. Here you can find step-by-step PHP tutorials.

If you want to be the top PHP developer, it is more helpful for all websites to be one. So here I suggest the 10 best websites for learning PHP online. I personally learn PHP using all these websites.

Enjoy the world of PHP .. !!

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