‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer starts mass teasing from Chris Pratt

The first trailer for Thor Love and Thunder has arrived, showcasing the dynamic between Thor and The Guardians of the Galaxy and giving fans their first official look at Natalie Portman’s Lady Thor.
The uniqueness of Taika Whitty’s humor shines through in the trailer, and one scene that has caught fans’ attention in particular has been widely ridiculed by MCU actor Chris Pratt.
In the trailer, Pratt’s Star-Lord gives his team a pep talk, in which he mentions feeling inspired by looking into the eyes of his favorite people, causing Thor to look into Star-Lord’s eyes. Lord and lead him to an awkward moment.
'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer starts mass teasing from Chris Pratt
Disney fans, hungry for the bizarre introduction, immediately realized the scene would inspire fanfare writers and artists to imagine two characters in a sexual relationship. On Twitter, this drew widespread ridicule from Pratt, as fans imagined his discomfort filming the scene.

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