Some Apps and Sites that are helpful for study

Classes are taking place online all over the world due to Corona. That is why most of the time the study has become focused on the Internet and on the computer/laptop/mobile screen. Today we will discuss about some useful applications for online classes, virtual study, site.

PDF converter to other odd formats:

There are many people who love to read PDF e-books and use it as an app for some big, popular and feature-packed apps like Adobe, Microsoft Edge or Foxit Phantom. In this case, it is usually a problem to read that many books, documents, exclusive notes that they collect from Google, different sites or different download sites are in the format of DJVU, EPUB, Mobi or something more strange. As many are not familiar with, at the same time those formats generally cannot be played/previewed in PDF Reader.
In this case, of course, as a solution, there are various sites online where DJVU, EPUB, Mobi and other different formats can be converted to PDF format. But it’s tedious work, repeatedly visiting the site, uploading files, downloading. Quite annoying and slow, can be annoying and irritating. And especially for those who study on mobile, use data, the matter is more difficult.
However, there are several dedicated eBook converters: Best eBook Converters
You can use any ebook converter.
You can use any ebook converter. Supports a large number of common and uncommon eBook formats. Convert compatible files to PDF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 and KFX formats. You can run this 150 MB software as a trial, you can also buy it if you want. Since it supports almost all formats, 90% of your work will be done with it.
However, DJVU has a very common format but does not support it. That’s why you can stick with DJVU Converter or DJVU Reader as a plugin. In this case, the popular open source application WinDjView ((click to download). DJVU’s best reader/viewer.
WinDjView ((click to download). DJVU's best reader/viewer.

Best Apps to Convert Ebooks – For Android

Playbook has Ebook Converter (click to download) as converters for those who study on mobile devices. With which you can convert from almost all formats like Any Ebook Converter. The version without ads costs only 120 rupees.
Some Apps and Sites that are helpful for study

There is also an app called DjVu Reader and Viewer (click to download) for reading DJVU files that you can get from the Play Store.
Sites to convert e-books:
However, for those who prefer to convert from the site every time they download the app, there are several beautiful sites.
smallpdf: (click to visit) On this site you will find many conversion tools including pdf to word, word to pdf, pptx to pdf, pdf to pptx, excel to pdf, pdf to ppt, jpg to pdf. You will also get some other features like merge, protect, split, unlock compress etc. This is one of the best sites for online PDF conversion. However, DJVU, EPUB does not support it.
freepdfconvert (click to visit): This site is also full of tools. You can convert from almost all formats like above. In addition to converting, there are various editing and modification tools.

The best eBook readers for PC

Now let’s talk about what’s out there for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of conversion and want to read directly. This means that there are various ebook readers that support almost all formats.
We mentioned earlier that WinDjView is for DJVU files.
And All in one Ebook Reader is the best free ebook reader, which is called Sumatra PDF (click to download). It is open source software so you can easily download and run it.
Sumatra PDF (click to download)

The best site to download eBooks.

PDFDrive (click to visit) is a great site for those who want to download free ebooks. This website has a huge collection of all kinds of documents, e-books. Available in PDF, DJVU, MOBI, EPUB file format. Academic and all kinds of books, including literature, can be found here.

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