Online Education Websites In Bangladesh

If you are looking for the top ten online education sites in Bangladesh then you are at the right place. I have created a list of the top 10 education websites for you. You can browse the top 10 websites to get reliable/authentic educational information for your siblings or those who are learning and sharing knowledge with you. We are going to show you the sites of the top 10 online sites in Bangladesh. Now I will show you the top 10 websites of Serial Bangladesh.

Top 10 Online Education Websites in Bangladesh

#01 10 Minutes School

This website is one of the latest online learning platforms in Bangladesh. The 10-minute school started the journey with a relatively small initiative. But now about one and a half lakh students join regular classes. Telecommunications giant RBI now sponsors the school, and everyone likes it every day. Everyone from JSC examinees, they can benefit from this 10-minute school. Modules are divided into JSC, SSC, HSC, College Course, College Admission, Skill Development, etc. All students can watch topics, chapters, quizzes, and pre-recorded lecture videos to take part in live classes on Facebook. It’s also free.

#02 Repto Education Center


#03 StudyPress


#04 LekhaPora BD


#05 Teachingbd24

Teaching BD24 is a versatile educational website for school and university students. All questions, suggestions and test notes are uploaded in PDF format. All test work, such as Panjeri, Globe pub, etc., is scanned and uploaded to downloadable websites such as WordPress or Mediafire. Md. Shah Jamal, Assistant maintains this website. Professor of Physics, BAF Shaheen College Dhaka Dhaka. And of course, you can guarantee the quality. All students can benefit from this education website and it also provides a guest post option. That’s why everyone can get quality backlinks and make money from this website.

#06 eShikkhok

eShikkhok is an AdTech startup company that starts with the vision of providing high-quality educational materials (videos and quizzes) that can be accessed remotely.

#07 Study House BD


#08 Shikkhok Batayon

The aim of the project of the Government of Bangladesh is to introduce education in the reality of our country. This site is primarily enriched with PPT presentations and explanations of various topics and terms of academic study at the school level. This site has three main study topics like Madrasa, General, Technical. All content is uploaded and prepared by various Bangladeshi teachers of other schools and madrasas. You can use this education website for free.
Those are the best online education websites in Bangladesh. If you know any other online education website, let everyone know by sharing it through comments.

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