Most Popular Online Shopping Sites in the U.S

Online shopping is a thriving market in the United States just like any other country in the world. A survey conducted in April last year found that 40 percent of U.S.-based Internet users admitted to buying things online more than once a month.
The report estimates that forty-two percent of consumers in the United States have searched and purchased products or services online, compared to only 14 percent who prefer to shop in stores even when searching almost online.
According to industry experts, there are several reasons why a growing number of people are turning to online shopping.
While the biggest attraction of the facility remains, the availability of massive discounts and coupons is also important. Buyers base their purchasing decisions on the advice of family and friends, online reviews, and product recommendations on popular social media platforms.
So if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of online shopping yet, it’s time for you to work.
To help you get started, I’ve listed the various categories below the top 10 online shopping websites in the United States, so choose from the batch and get started.

Most Polpular Online Shopping Sites in the U.S [TOP 10]

#01 Amazon

Amazon ranks as the top online shopping website in the United States and other parts of the world. You can buy almost anything on the planet Earth at Amazon. They have excellent policies for consumer protection.

#02 eBay

Ebay rightly claims a leading position as an online shopping site. You can buy new and used things at low prices on eBay. In fact, some of the products found on eBay when shopping online may not be available anywhere else.
#03 BestBuy

#04 Walmart

Walmart ranks as the premier store for groceries, household items, affordable clothing, gift items and much more. Walmart has its own credit card that lets you buy expensive products in installments.

#05 Target

Target is a large shopping website in one of the largest supermarkets in the United States where you can buy groceries, household items, pet essentials, electronics and appliances, clothing and much more.
The website provides daily and weekly discount codes and coupons to shoppers. Your refueling facility allows you to store groceries and other items that are used in large quantities in your home.
#06 Lowe’s
#07 Amazon Books

#08 Costco

Costco Wholesaler has a reputation for offering everything from grocery stores to expensive electronics at much lower prices. Its online shopping website is the largest in the United States.
Costco also sends to select markets abroad. Shopping at Costco saves you a lot of money. They offer special offers during the holidays and the festive season.

#09 Sears

Sears filed for bankruptcy in October 2011 and is downsizing its physical store in the United States.
It is one of the best online shopping websites, although the company’s current financial situation may force it to close. Sears sells furniture, electronics, clothing and household items.
#10 Wayfair

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