Can you find some interesting websites?

This is one of my favorite questions! So, in that regard, I will talk about (or try to say) some websites whose names you have never heard before.
Can you find some interesting websites?
  • The website is great. Here you can choose any one of your choice.
  • Then go to their own “editor” and “type” whatever you want, and the website will give you a complete essay on your chosen topic!
  • If you do not understand anything, then I have given the link of the website. If you go there, you will understand yourself!
  • Where is the fun of the website? The whole article is from Wikipedia! Word-by-word, line-by-line, Exactly one
  • Never give up on GK again! And, this website will help in that!
  • What is the population of the whole world, “birth / date rates”, etc., many, many, many things you will find here!
  • You’ll even get information on how many tweets were sent throughout the day, how many emails were sent, how many Facebook posts were made, and so on.
  • I mean, almost everything that is happening in the world, you will find here perfectly!
  • Just write your age on the website. Then see what happens!
  • You will understand exactly what happened on the day you were born, which has a place in the pages of history!
  • Do you think that “nothing happened on my birthday”? This website will show you how wrong you are.
  • This website knows at least twenty times more information than you know about your age!
  • Exactly how fast can you “type” on a computer? This website will explain.
  • Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need, just like the “typing speed” you get. You will also get some “courses” on how to increase your “typing speed”. But, they are all but “paid”!
  • Don’t like “Quora” anymore? What are you thinking? This website will tell you what other websites like “Quora” are!
  • Or, don’t you like watching videos on YouTube anymore? Get help with this website!
  • About 1 lakh names of apps are stored on the server of this website. When you want, leave one app, go to another app! No problem!
If anyone asks more questions like this, I can name five more websites in the answer!

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  1. هذا ما يخبئه لك حظك اليوم مهنيا و عاطفياً ، اعرف برجك و حظك اليوم من قسم الابراج اليومية ، مفاجآت برج الحمل ، الجوزاء ، الحوت ، القوس ، الثور ، العذراء …

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