Best Websites for Learning Languages Free

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If you ever have time to learn a new language, do it now. People get trapped in every hour of the day; Businesses are closing, which means people, for better or for worse, get more free time than ever before.
Instead of sitting idly by, why not spend that time being productive?
To help you with this, we’ve listed the top 10 free websites you can use right now to learn a new language.

Best Websites for Learning Languages Free

1. Duolingo
How can it not come to number one? Duolingo is completely free for all devices, offers a variety of exceptional courses in different languages ​​and is always updated with new content.
2. LingQu
Lingq brings a variety of practical video and audio lessons with your theory-based learning and offers courses in most of the world’s major languages.
3. Memorize
Memrise is a free language learning platform that also offers premium subscriptions. Memories has over 200 language courses and has one of the best user interfaces in the language learning competition.
4. Banpo
We’re doing a bit of cheating by putting Banpo on this list, but it’s a must. Banpo is a strictly Japanese language learning app available on Android and iOS.
Bunpo offers a wide range of Hiragana and Katakana languages ​​and is one of the best Japanese apps out there.
5. Open culture
Open culture
Open Culture has a selection of more than 47 languages ​​on request.
It allows you to download MP3 files of your lessons, giving you a way to practice by listening and speaking your language.
6. Bilingual
Bilingua is completely free language learning software. Offers a variety of languages, including interactive games, to help strengthen your learning.
However, where Billingua really shines is when it connects with local language speakers in your community for practice based on your skill level.
7. Mango language
Mango language
Mango languages ​​are not for the faint of heart and are a fairly old way of learning the language compared to the other entries on this list. It costs ড 20 per month to access the service, but it’s free if you have a library card.
“Mango Languages” is a film-based language learning software that lags behind competitors in terms of interesting content, but makes it for the quality of its lessons.
8. Learn a language
Learn a language
Learning a language is a pretty interesting entry on this list. Unlike others, this website was created by the US Language Institute.
With that level of support the quality of the learning service comes to a certain level.
“Learning a language” is suitable for those who do not want to master a foreign language but want to know the basics, for example, going on vacation.
9. Babel
Once a host of language learning sites and apps dives into the complexities of your language, the basics are covered; However, sometimes you just want to learn the basics and nothing else.
Is that what makes him so good; Teaches you the basics of your chosen language without bombarding you with complex information.
10. Busu
Peer learning can be invaluable when it comes to learning a new language, and while it’s hard to come by, there are websites and apps that offer it. That is the role that Busu plays.
Busu offers a free service with a premium option and selected classes in an online classroom-like setting.

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