Best Websites for Free Online Courses

Many of us enjoy learning, and this is something that everyone can benefit from even after graduating from school or college.
However, finding the time or resources to continue learning after graduation can be challenging. Many of us are busy with work and family and don’t have the money to go back to our college, for example.
That said, the Internet has made it easier for the general public to access incredible information than ever before. We can use different websites to view detailed statistics and even access free books and movies. While many do, others may benefit from a more structured approach to learning.
There are many websites that offer very high quality free educational courses. These websites are a great opportunity for people to learn something new and develop some of their skills for free.
It can be very rewarding to complete a course in your own time and think that you have learned more about the world than ever before.
Best Websites for Free Online Courses

Best Websites for Free Online Courses in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of these sites based on student feedback from around the world.

#01 Coursera

Coursera offers a wide range of online courses that are available for free to its users. Many of these courses are created by universities or other education providers.
At the end of a class, you can get a certificate proving that you have met all the requirements established for students.

#02 Udemy

Udemy offers many free courses developed and designed by leading education providers and specialists.
The site also provides content and classes for those who may be interested in expanding their knowledge.

#03 Khan Academy

Teen counseling specializes in helping adolescents and provides clients with a variety of ways to talk to their therapist.

#04  Adx

AdX is another site that offers free courses from universities and their courses often offer teacher support. Most edX courses are based on STEM topics.

#05 Duolingo

Through Duolingo, you can take a structured introductory course in a wide range of languages.
Most languages ​​are aimed at European and native English speakers, but it is also possible to learn English from other languages.
Dulingo claims that its courses are fairly standard and equivalent to the content of university language classes.

#06 MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT’s OpenCourseWare isn’t necessarily very structured, but it does have core content from MIT’s world-class courses and tuition.

#07 Free iTunes U course

Free courses from iTunes U can be accessed through an app downloaded from the Apple App Store. It can be used on all Apple devices, making it very convenient to access.

#08 Stanford Online

Stanford Online offers a variety of free Stanford courses, which can be taken both in session and at your own pace.

#09 Codecademy

A free platform that provides introductory courses in a variety of programming languages ​​in a fun, interactive and challenging way.

#10 Open Culture Online Course Category Online Course for Free, The diversity of open culture lectures and classes is incredible and varied.

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