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The days of sitting in an internet cafe and playing games with a contract for hours seem colorful in our minds. However, after the era of Internet cafes, the game has now reached the online version. The demand for games has not decreased. Rather, it has increased day by day.
Today gaming has reached a point where many people choose gaming as their career. Many are building high-end gaming PCs or computers by investing large sums of money just to play games.
But simply buying a device won’t do. To play games on the device, you need to purchase your favorite games again. Nowadays games have offline campaign mode and online mode where in multiplayer mode we can play the game as a competitor with unknown real player or with our friends from any country. So, in today’s world, games have become more attractive.
Nowadays, the gaming market is so booming that most of the games are now paid. Now that we’re online, it goes without saying that there is no CD for the game. Now almost all games have to be purchased by paying the credit card bill.
So considering your needs, in today’s post we will discuss top 5 websites to download computer games. And why the delay? Let us begin!
Free PC Games Download

Best PC Game Download Sites

#01 Ocean of Games

One of the most popular websites for downloading computer games is Ocean of Games. If you want to find the most popular computer game downloading website in any search engine including Google, then first of all Google will show you the name of this site. From Ocean of Games website you can download any paid games and free games completely free.
This means that you can easily find the games you need in the cracked version or pirated version of this site.
On the Ocean of Games website you can download any new (updated) games as well as old and classic computer games. If you are a fan of classic computer games then this site is a One Stop Shop for you! If you browse this site you will find all the new games, along with almost all the classic games, no matter how old they are. In other words, the name of the website is correct! It’s really a game’s ocean.
The Ocean of Games site is not a torrent site. This is a normal website. So you don’t have to get a lot of speed to download games.
The link to the site is –

#02 Rarbg

Rarbg is one of the most popular and famous torrent sites in the world. Rarbg is probably at the top of all torrent sites around the world right now. I hope you know what a torrent site is.
Torrent is a peer to peer (Peer to Peer) file sharing facility. From this site you can download different torrent files by different torrent clients according to bit torrent protocol. The advantage of various torrent sites is that you can download files from here at a speed several times faster than the normal download speed.
To download games on the torrent site Rarbg, you must first log in to Rarbg. Next go to the search bar and search by typing the name of any game. You will get all the old computer games starting from any new games. Rarbg is therefore the most popular for cracked or pirated versions of any game.
The link to the site is –

#03 Game Top

Not all of us can afford to buy a gaming PC. Again, we are not all professional gamers. So those of us who do not have a gaming PC, they can easily download a lot less mega bytes of free games from the gametop website.
As we all know, playing low megabit games doesn’t require a lot of high end PCs. As a result, downloading smaller games will put less pressure on your PC. This will give you a smooth gaming experience.
One of the important features of Game Top website is its game releasing timer. Each game description box has a timer for when the game was released. This timer is very helpful for the visitors of this website.
Moreover, when it comes to downloading games, many of us worry about whether Windows is supporting it by downloading the desired games. However, there is no need to worry about downloading games on the Game Top website. Because here in the description box of each game, it is clearly stated which version of Windows will support the game for which bit of computer.
Another advantage of this site is that you do not have to suffer too much advertising while browsing. Since there are no large size games on this site, your internet data will be saved a lot.
However, due to the availability of free games on this site, no crack version games are uploaded. So feel free to download and play free computer games and visit this site.
The link to the site is –

#04 Steam

One of the most popular sites for downloading computer games is Steam. Games of any size, big or small, can be downloaded from Steam website. However, the specialty of this site is that there are not many free games available here. Most of the games on this site are premium version of paid games. Steam is a popular site for developing low-cost realistic computer games for developers from all over the world!
By accessing the Steam website, you can sometimes download some expensive games at huge discounts. Moreover, from time to time they organize Free Games’ Give Away during various festivals. From there you can download free games.
Steam has a user forum where you can post for any issues and suggestions related to the game. Gamers from all over the world and members of the site also discuss there.
So if you want to download high quality virus free games on computer you can choose this site with confidence.
The link to the site is

#05 GOG

GOG is a popular digital game downloading platform. However, free games cannot be downloaded from GOG. Although it cannot be downloaded for free, premium games can be downloaded at a very low price. GOG has almost the same features as Steam. The GOG website has a rich user forum. In this forum you can take part in any discussion related to games. As a result, good connectivity is created among the gamers.
Huge discounts on games on this site during various international festivals. At that time you will be able to download all the world famous games on your computer for a nominal price. One of the special features of the GOG site is that game developers can also sell their own games directly here. As a result, it is a great opportunity for game developers.
So if you want to download Rheist premium games then GOG is one of the best websites.
The link to this site is –
So this is our today’s post about the five best websites to download computer games. If you have read this post carefully, I hope we will not have any more problems with downloading games. If you like the post, share it on social media and give everyone a chance to see it.

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