Best Website to earn 7$ a day by uploading pictures

list of best website to earn daily 7$ dollars by uploading pictures. Daily income 7$ dollars by uploading Image [Websites to Earn by upload photos]

Earning by uploading pictures online is nothing new. Currently new sites pay more. Each picture pays from 7$-10$. So you can earn daily income by uploading images.
The name of the site is
You have to sign up on the site and upload the picture. After signing up, you can easily understand how to upload images.
Now the question may come what kind of upload. Your own photo or from another website. You can also upload your own photos. But I think it is better to download and upload from another site. Because the amount of income will depend on the resolution of the photo taken on the mobile phone.
So where do you get pictures to upload? Because there may be copyright issues if you download and upload images from Google. I have provided links to download some copyright images. There will be no copyright issue if you upload images from these sites.
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The download link of your photo will be given to upload. Share the link. The more downloads from the link, the higher the income. The website will promote your image even if you don’t share the link. Income will come from there.
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You can earn by uploading any type of file including not only images but also videos.

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