Best Online Bus Tickets Booking Websites / Apps In India

In today’s world, we depend on our cell phones for almost everything. Connecting with friends, from business meeting schedules to bus ticket bookings, we have apps for almost everything. Both web and mobile applications have made our lives easier.

Top 10 Best Online Bus Ticket Booking Websites / Apps

Most of these are easy to use and feature-rich. As in other fields, various websites and applications have been launched for booking bus tickets. While some of these are great to use, others may not offer as great experiences.
Check out the top 10 websites and apps for booking bus tickets in India here.
1] Redbus
Redbus is one of the best bus booking apps in India. The app works on both Android and iPhone. You can see some good deals on Redbus when booking bus tickets. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Another is the ease of booking.
The app is easy to use and guides you. It provides services not only in India but also in many other countries. It provides extensive bus service.
You can book for different destinations using this application. It connects several cities in India. You have the option to choose your bus seats using this application. Redbus lets you make secure payments. Offers secure payment options.
2] MakeMyTrip
You can book bus tickets to various destinations in India using this website. MakeMyTrip has partnered with more than a thousand bus operators in India. You can choose between different types of buses when booking tickets from this app. These include Volvo, AC, Luxury, Slipper, Deluxe, Semi Deluxe and many more.
3] Paytm bus reservation
You can book bus tickets to different destinations using this top booking app. It allows you to book a variety of bus tickets, including air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned, deluxe and Volvo.
The Paytm bus booking app is easy to manage. Using it you can easily search and book your tickets. Many lucrative Paytm Wallet Deals are available. The app offers great discounts when booking bus tickets.
4] Cleartrip
The company was founded in 2006. It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. With this easy-to-use app you can easily book bus tickets. Cleartrip also helps you plan your entire trip.
With this application, you can easily access all the bus-related information available for different destinations in the country. Therefore, you can choose a suitable one based on your travel plan. Cleartrip lets you use the bus promo code to get a good amount from the bus fare.
5] Traveler
The company was established in April 2008. It is located in Bangalore. Over time, travel has gained popularity. It is quite similar to other bus ticket booking platforms. The application is quite easy to navigate.
You can use it to book bus tickets to many places in India. It also offers bus ERP and travel agent bookings. He is known for his transparent dealings. This is what your customers like the most.
Traveler has offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Chandigarh. The application includes special functions for the safety of unmarried women. It has been praised for the same.
6] Immigration
Immigration was born in 2008. It is a multi-billion dollar company. The app has finally become popular. This is mainly due to the ease of booking, as well as it includes a large number of features. You can book bus tickets for thousands of routes in India with this app.
The app has a special feature called Abimovies. This feature allows passengers to watch their favorite movies on any device while traveling on their bus. The company plans to expand its business further.
It could cover more routes and collaborate with a few more buses. Also, it can showcase more innovative features to entertain travelers.
7] My bus ticket
My Bus Ticket is a cloud-based mobile and online bus ticketing site. Using this advanced application you can book more than 1.15,000 bus tickets in 22 states of India.
It has a team of highly skilled agents who assist in the process. The app has been praised for its fast service. He has received several awards for it.
8] E-Travel Smart
The company was founded in 2013. It has gradually become popular with business and leisure travelers. You can book a bus ticket by paying only 20% of the total ticket fare at the beginning. You can pay the remaining amount of the reservation before the due date.
This is a great option for those who are unsure about their travel plans. E-Travel Smart covers numerous routes. Also, it offers great discounts for its customers. Discount offers in the app are updated from time to time. You can check them out before booking your tickets.
The application allows you to book tickets through the mobile application or website.
9] Goose Tickets
This is another top site for booking bus tickets in India. The company was founded in 2007. It is based in Chennai. You can book tickets for hundreds of destinations across India using this app/website.
Ticket Goose is known for providing great service. It has good customer support to help users. You can also book taxis and hotels with this app.
10] VIA
The company was born in 2006. It was formerly known as VIA offers online bus booking. You can book flights with this app. Also, it offers the option of booking hotels.
VIA offers several lucrative hotel packages. In addition, the app has been linked to taxi service giant, Olar. Make taxi booking easy. Also, this unique app has a special section for hoteliers, corporations and travel agents. This gives them the opportunity to list their business and products.
I am a frequent traveler and have used many of these applications. Have you tried any of them yet? If so, which one did you like the most? Tell us!

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