Best NHL Live Streaming Sites for Watching Hockey

With the 2021 NHL season set to begin soon, it’s important to know which are the top ten live streaming sites for playing hockey. This article will discuss the top ten options found after spending some time in research and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of all possible options.
The main thing to note is that these options are not listed in any specific order, but the best available option will be announced in the final paragraph.
Best NHL Live Streaming Sites for Watching Hockey

Best NHL Live Streaming Sites for Watching Hockey [TOP 10]

#01 PlayStation Vue

Now, the main point of this option is that a PlayStation 4 or 5 (now) is required for this service. Therefore, buying a PlayStation specifically for the purpose of live streaming is not recommended, as it is an additional expense that is simply not worth it.
However, if you already have a PlayStation and simply don’t, this is definitely a tough option to consider. However, downsides are high monthly prices, and you can’t afford to continue this streaming service, it simply replaces your monthly cable bill.
In general, this is an option to consider, but only if you already have a PlayStation.

#02 YouTube TV

This streaming service is a great option in the growing field of live sports streaming. It’s a trusted company that invests a lot in this show, making it a great choice for NHL live streaming.
While your platform options may seem limited at the moment, you can rely on YouTube to keep growing. At the end of the day, you can count on your NHL live streaming needs on YouTube TV.

#03 ESPN 5 Player

This streaming service is another popular platform that has existed since the beginning of the era of live streaming services. Although they have very limited NHL options, as they usually broadcast the biggest games or all-star events.
While it’s free for wired people, if you’re trying to watch a game while away from home, it might work for you.
Overall, although it is a reliable option, it does not stream many NHL games compared to other streaming sites on this list.

#04 fuboTV

Another streaming service on this list will be fuboTV, a relatively new service. It has a lot more variety than the previous options, as it serves as an alternative to the cable.
So it may not be the best for people trying to watch NHL hockey on the go, but it’s cheap for anyone trying to replace the cable.
FuboTV is an option that you are considering replacing your cable with a streaming service.

#05 NHL

NHL.TV is one of the best options on this list, because its only goal is to watch what you want, NHL Hockey. Now, the only disadvantage of this service is its focus, which is why it does not offer any other genre.
Although a few of these other options offer options in addition to the NHL for the same price. However, if you are a true hockey fan, there is no better option than this.

#06 Redditstreams

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete list without mentioning Reddit for its powerful streaming capabilities. It is important to understand that it is completely free!
Although Reddit isn’t necessarily something you can use on your phone on the go, you can still use some laptops to watch the NHL. It can offer a wide variety of games compared to other services, as these usually offer local games.
Overall, Reddit is certainly a solid option.

#07 Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a little lower than the others on this list, because how many times do you watch hockey on Fox Sports? It’s certainly a rare sight, but it’s still an option.
It’s also free for other wired people and has a free app so you can easily see it on your phone. So, unfortunately, this is not the best option, but it is available without other streaming services.

#08 SlingTV

This is another emerging streaming service that has a lot of room to grow. It may not be the best option at the moment, but with its extremely low price it is a good investment.
Keep an eye on SlingTV in the future to meet all your NHL streaming needs.

#09 AT&T TV now

AT&T TV is another option to consider now, as it primarily focuses on viewers who are constantly on the move. With an easy-to-use app, this is the most volatile option for your NHL needs.
Although hockey may not be as readily available to you as other services, you can easily watch a game when you need to.

#10 Hulu

Hulu TV is another constant option to consider when streaming NHL games. Now it’s an alternative to cable, but it’s worth the money because it also provides all the other games you can think of.
So when the NHL season is over, you can just go to another game without any extra penalties. As they say, “Hulu has live sports.” This is without a doubt one of the best options on this list.
Overall, out of ten options, Hulu TV is the best option for NHL hockey streaming. This is due to the large volume of additional styles as well as reliability for all users.
Now this is the best option, but the worst option is a tie between WatchSPN and Fox Sports Go. These two options have been very reliable and for some time, but that’s the amount if they only show one NHL game per week.
So if you’re a big fan and it doesn’t fit your hockey needs, don’t bother wasting your time with these two streaming sites.

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