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We will do it! There is no shortage of website traffic generators on the market. But, every site owner is confused, whether to buy or not, which one will be real, my site will be penalized by Google, easy to use, control traffic, monitor analytics, and most of all, boost Alexa. ?

So, keeping all the above doubts and confusions in mind, here is a list of the 7 best free website traffic generators, which not only offers all the above features, but also offers a free trial period before buy the complete package.

However, there are significant advantages and disadvantages to using a website traffic generator or traffic bot. But since you have already decided to use the traffic generator, I will not mention their disadvantages.

Best Free Website Traffic Generator

What are the benefits of using a web traffic generator or traffic bot?

  • Website traffic generators or traffic bots can:
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your website
  • Increase your site’s impression
  • Unique visitor growth
  • Sell your high traffic site
  • Increase your Alexa ranking. is another website traffic generator, but not like other website traffic generators. To get free website traffic, you don’t have to buy traffic or do anything.
All you have to do is write about in your blog post and provide a link to and you will get 10,000 visitors to your website for 30 days. Or,
You can also buy exclusive traffic from for only $ 126 / month with 50,000 target visitors.
Traffic robot
Traffic Bot is a high quality traffic generator and if you want a lot of traffic for your website or blog then this is best for you.
It can generate millions of traffic per month and thus increase your Alexa ranking.
It guarantees real conversions and sends genuine visitors to your site. Once you create a project, they will help you select the traffic from the country you want to get.
You can try it for free by just providing your email address and your site URL and you get 2000 page views for 20 hours.
Price: $ 9.9 / month to $ 99 / month.
Website traffic generator
With Website Traffic Generator, you can send unlimited niche traffic to your website or blog. You just set the number of visitors you like and the rest of the work is done by the website traffic generator.
The great thing about a website traffic generator is that all visits are direct visits or niche visits and can be directed from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
The traffic sent from the website traffic generator is secure with Google search algorithm and also increases your search engine ranking and Alexa ranking.
To download the website traffic generator software, you need to contribute .006 bitcoin or 0.08 ether coin and this is a lifetime license fee.
Babylon traffic
Babylon Traffic lets you get the high volume and cheap traffic you’ve always wanted and it allows you to generate millions of visits to your website or blog.
Everyone can choose according to their needs and target traffic according to geo, organic, etc.
You can try it for free just by adding your email address and website URL and it will send you 50 hits to your website or blog.
Price: $ 9.9 / month to $ 99 / month.
Traffic monkey
Traffic Ape Get traffic to websites or blogs. You must be an active member of the Traffic app.
This is an ideal tool if you have an online business and you are dedicated to selling your products and services online or have your own YouTube channel.
You can also upgrade to super awesome packages at a very reasonable rate of $ 29.99 / year or $ 3.99 / month.
Traffic whirl
Rolling traffic, you can drive traffic to your websites, blogs and social networks at a very reasonable and affordable price.
This is great for those who want to create leads with a guarantee of real views from their audience.
You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr blog comments as well as a unique task system available for email newsletter subscribers to gain more views and followers.
It also offers geo-targeted traffic, which helps you reach your target audience.
10K successful
10KHits is an exchanger that allows you to constantly surf and earn points without interruption, pop-up or interruption.
It comes with a great white level traffic feature and it can change your traffic source from default to social, custom, organic or anonymous traffic to your website or blog.
It’s a versatile app and it’s equipped with a sleek dashboard that lets you earn your first points and instantly get visitors to your website or blog.
Price: $ 29 / month to 10 / month.

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