Best Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

We all enjoy the possibility of reading manga as much as we enjoy anime. While the anime is easy to enjoy, you can’t ignore the excitement of going through your own Mars pages without limitation. Now, it is not always easy to find good manga translated for free on the internet. That’s why we put this list with the 15 most popular manga sites. All of these are incredibly easy to use, you will have no problem reading your favorite manga on these sites.
Best Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online
All you need to know is that these are good places to read your manga. Choose the one you like, they are not sorted in any particular order.

Best Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

#01 Mangakakalot

With a very nice looking user interface, Mangakakalot is the most used site by manga readers. Mangakalot is good for everything from the speed of the leaves to the time it takes to publish a manga.
Also, they have a staggering amount of manga on their site. No matter how old the manga you are looking for, or how low quality it is, you can almost always find that manga in Mangakaklot.
You should see some ads here and there, but the good thing is that there are no annoying pop-ups that you can find on any other low level manga site.
It’s all completely free and incredibly easy to read. The site offers users to share their opinions in the comments section which fans basically use to post memes about the manga they are reading.

#02 Manganelo

Manganelo Strangely Mangakakalot is known on various factors and the two are interconnected. Clicking on the manga of Mangakakalot can sometimes lead you to that exact Mars, but on this site.
If there is a difference, it is true that when you can zoom in on Mangakakalot, Manganello is already there. Just search for Manga in the search bar and go read it, it’s so easy. And just like Mangakalot, you can also post memes in the comments section of this site, above all it is linked to your Facebook profile.

#03 Mangago

Mangago is perfect for fans of Yuri and Yao because it contains not only the variety of Yuri and Yao manga, but also the abundance of daujinshi in both genres. This is where all the Yaoi Fanglers gather in the comments section to adore their favorite characters. It’s also covered in a lot of healthy content, but the best thing about Mangago is that it doesn’t scare you with a ton of ads out of the box.
Seriously, some ads don’t or don’t exist. Also, although the main reason Yaoi and Yuri main fans use this site, you can find almost any other manga here, has been completely updated.

#04 Mangadex

Like the sites mentioned above, Mangadex is home to all the popular manga as well as most of the hidden gems. But the best thing about this site is that it does not display ads. It’s not a typo, Mangadex doesn’t literally show ads.
This is an incredibly easy-to-use site that allows users to change page lengths and much more, and show you how many other users are online next to you. There are also user forums.

#05 Mangasi

Mangasi is another site that lets you read all your favorite manga without interrupting yourself with trivial things like ads and pop-ups.
The design looks amazing and it has all the manga you can read in your life.
The downside is that manga is relatively new and for some reason it’s not very safe, which is one reason you won’t find a lot of people in the comments section.
You don’t have to sign up before reading any manga manga, it’s a site with a mobile friendly theme and it shows you the number of pages in each manga chapter from the beginning.

#06 MangaTx

A wide range of manga in a wide range of styles, the way this manga organizes things is always strangely specific. There are no obvious ads and the speed of the site is excellent.
If you are one of those people who is always looking for strangely specific genres whenever you try to find a new manga to read, MangataX is all you need. But the annoying thing about MangaTx is how it suddenly pops up on the right side of the screen.
Of course you can turn them off, but cross marks are almost non-existent, so most of the time you end up clicking on an ad link.

#07 provides a fairly old and basic interface that makes it easy to find the manga you are looking for and it doesn’t even pretend to be ad free and surprises you with all kinds of annoying pop-ups. It is full of ads and not intended to be displayed otherwise and these ads do not even come in the way of manga reading. Mangareader was also one of the most popular manga sites for some time and there is something about this site that makes it stand out. has a page called “Surprise Me”. Click on this page and it leads you to a random hidden manga that if you are not for this page you may never see.
This can be very useful when you are feeling frustrated and you just need to read a good manga. There is also a popular manga page that shows what manga fans read the most. However, if you don’t like advertising, may not be your cup of tea.


Sometimes you get tired of reading all those actions and supernatural things that start to desire a colorful manga. And that
On their homepage, they show you a bunch of colorful manga that in most cases is exactly what you need. Not to mention, Bato is also open source which allows you to upload manga. And it’s not that you can’t read other genres, including Korean Manhua and Chinese Manhua. Also, there is a discussion forum that is linked to your Facebook profile.

#09 Mangafox

Manga Fox has its own officially designed manga reading app which is never a bad thing. Here manga is given monthly, weekly and even daily space. Homepages of all genres, as well as high rated manga are displayed.
And there’s a feature we don’t often see on manga sites, you can subscribe to their emails to get the manga update of your choice every time. No ads. If you don’t try to find them, you won’t find them.
And since everything is on site, you will not be directed anywhere else. After all, Mangafox may have ads but it is very easy to use.

#10 Mangapanda

Mangapanda is a relatively old but eco-looking site.
The ads are obvious, but most of the time they are related to the anime so they blend well with the site. Since about half of this traffic site comes from the United States, this site has a respectable image.
You don’t have to create an account and it also has a “Surprise Me” page, clicking on that page will take you to a randomly underrated manga that you would never get otherwise.
Mangapanda also provides an advanced search option that makes it easy to search for a specific genre of manga in a given period of time.

#11 Mangadum

Like any other site, it is an interesting site with manga and webtone. While reading the manga you will see some ads, but luckily there are no pop-ups.
By creating an account at MangaDoom you will be able to connect with other manga readers around the world and most of the time fans will ask for manga recommendations. The latest updates are displayed on the home page and there is also an advanced search tab. In the section list, you can also see that Mangdum has hundreds of popular daujinshi.
If you are looking for a more engaging experience while reading manga, you should definitely try using this website. It’s safe, so it’s safe to create an account.

#12 Niad

As one of the most popular manga sites, Niad gets a lot of traffic, but it also allows you to publish your manga and light novels on this site. This is a big deal considering the amount of traffic this site gets. It has separate news and review pages that are open to fans to post their own opinions.
If there’s anything annoying about Niad, it’s that the moment you come to its home page, you’ll get a huge pop-up window.
But beyond that, Niad is best for those who not only enjoy reading manga, but also enjoy making their own. If it falls into that category, you should check it out.
Here is our list of 12 best free manga sites to read manga online. If you have any other mega sites you know, let everyone know in the comments.

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