Alternative websites of Google Translate for English to Bengali translation

After growing up, I realized that the English language is not only for academic knowledge,but also for its application in real lifeAnd it requires a lot of practice.
You can do this exercise in many ways One of the things I try to do regularlyThat is, I repeat my daily tasks in English and plan what I will do the next day in EnglishNote in EnglishAnother thing is, I always translate English to Bangla on the Google Translate website to see if it is completely correct linguistically.
Alternative websites of Google Translate for English to Bengali translation
But in the middle of this year, I noticed that the Google Translate website was not working properlyOne of the reasons I found out is that the Google company seems to want us all to install software/apps and then use them.”
Anyway, I liked the app very much
However, when translating from English to Bengali, one of the complaints of our Bengali speakers is that even if these software / apps can translate meaning, they cannot correct the translation of meaningIn fact, these software are designed to make it easier for people who speak one language to communicate with anotherSo they translate very simply from the linguistic side
But sometimes I use a trick to keep the translation correctThat is, if you write the same sentence in Bengali in a few ways in software/apps and translate it into English, you will see that at some point your desired translation will come where you can express your mind as well as money
This is a waste of time, but it is necessary to spend a little time for a beautiful and perfect work
Besides Google Translate, there are some other good translation software/apps
Such as: All Languages Translator, Microsoft Translator,Yandex Translate,Translate.
Thank you Learn a new languageKnow the unknownEnjoy life

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