7 Applications to make a Business Plan

There are currently various applications and tools that can be of great help in the work of preparing a Business Plan. From mobile applications to complete online platforms.
In this post I wanted to compile some applications and resources whose objective is to make life easier for entrepreneurs when planning their business. Some options are completely free and others offer you free basic plans with the possibility of accessing more complete functionalities for a monthly fee.
Remember to review our “Business Plans” section, there you will find many other free resources and tools that will be of great help to develop your business plan.

7 Applications to make a Business Plan

Enloop: It is a smart online application that will ask you for basic information and data about your company and analyze it through some indicators to predict its financial performance.
Enloop automatically creates sales forecasts, income and expense forecasts, cash flow and balance sheets. Each report is complemented by charts and other visual elements that make it easier to analyze.
The Enloop platform also gives you access to customizable templates to take advantage of and write your own business plan.
The app has several usage plans, including a free plan that gives you the ability to create a plan that you can download later as a pdf to print and share. Other plans start at $6 per month and allow you to access more full and advanced options.
300 Business Plans to Adapt: Junta de Andalucía has provided entrepreneurs with a platform of 300 business projects that can be modified and adapted.
There are plans for all industries and for all tastes, it is just a matter of browsing the different sections and choosing the one that interests us the most and then adapting it to our needs.
Access to the platform is completely free, but pre-registration is required to be able to edit projects.
eBusinessplan: is a free online tool with which you can create and manage your business plan.
The application offers you various tools to create a dynamic and professional plan supported by images and help texts.
Bplans: A website for a company dedicated to developing software solutions to support entrepreneurs in their business planning process.
On the site, we can find some free resources, templates, guides, and up to 500 free business plan examples that you can use as you wish.
In addition, the company has created Live Plan, an online application that will help you implement your business plan.
StratPad – is a free app for iOS devices that includes a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process of writing your business plan.
The app also includes examples of plans developed by professionals, videos, and a tutorial on trading strategies and tools for beginners.
If you need more full functionality, StratPad offers Plus, Premium, and Platinum versions, each with features focused on different interest groups.
Financial Projections Model: It is a model that aims to help entrepreneurs prepare financial projections for their business, allowing them to get a clearer perspective of its potential.
Bizplan: is a web tool that allows entrepreneurs to easily and quickly prepare their business plans through a friendly interface that will guide you step by step.
It includes templates and templates that can be modified and adapted to the taste of the entrepreneur.
Have you used any of these apps and want to share your experience? Do you know of any other interesting business planning apps, tools, or resources you’d like to recommend? Please, leave your comment.

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