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All Greek Torrent Sites (Trackers)


Registration: by invitation only.

Known by all of us now MyTog.Net, continuation of the historical team of greekz. The detailed presentation can be found here.

URL: http://www.tsibato.info
Registration: by invitation only.

A fairly popular Greek tracker that has reopened.

URL: http://www.Blue-WhiteGT.com
Registration: by invitation only / Registration open at specific times

Probably the oldest and largest Greek tracker. After a period of absence, he returns to work only with invitations. Also at random times registrations are open for a few days.

URL: http://www.cytorrentz.info
Sign up: -
CyTorrentz deals with general uploading and not a specific category.
Tracker prohibits users from uploading functional and XXX files.

URL: http://galaxy-tracker.net
Registration: Free, No Invitations

Galaxy Tracker is a new Greek private tracker, with special features that to get full access to the site you just have to register.

URL: http://p2planet.net/
Registration: * Free but at some point they will close

P2PLANET.NET is a Greek tracker that has a lot to offer in the field of free exchange,
Tracker has been running with new software for the last 20 days and the number of Torrents is very large. The categories are more or less known by everyone, we would like to highlight that in our Tracker you will find a large collection of old movies (Oldies) and own rips that are rare to find on all trackers. Our philosophy is a bit different maybe from other sites.
All Greek Torrent Sites (Trackers)

p2planet intends to offer its users that what is new is completely free and without no benefit to its users, since it is one of the sites that does not think about ads and donations and says YES to free
file sharing. Also, another positive element of p2planet is that there are many servers and Seedbox on the site, which results in
file sharing can be done at very high speeds.

URL: http://www.webhouseworld.net
Registration: Free

There is no further information on this tracker.

URL: http://www.richseed.net
Record: A new Greek tracker was opened a week ago, created by a group of people who have been in the torrent stores for years. Visit www.richseed.net, say hi and you won't get lost.

URL: http://www.cherrykiss.org
Registration: by invitation only.

The first and biggest XXX tracker in Greece. Only for older children.

URL: http://www.hackers-gr.net
Registration: Free

The purpose of the tracker is your pleasant stay, good company, but also the material you download to be a standard of quality and uniqueness.

URL: http://www.hellas-torrentz.com
Registration: Free

A Greek tracker that has been operating since 2010.

URL: http://www.ntelogo.org http://www.Crete-Tracker.com http://www.krhtikos.com
Registration: Free

Now available as www.ntelogo.org, the Cretan tracker has changed its domain 3 times so far. as Delogo does not have, Koumbare :: Developed by TA KOPELIA

URL: http://www.global-evolve.com
Registration: Free

As with most trackers, you'll need to register here for full access. You can also log in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

URL: http://www.grtorrent.net
Registration: Free

A tracker with games, forum, radio and much more.

URL: http://www.hellenic-world.net
Registration: Free (Registration will be closed without prior notice)

Recently updated tracker, without ads and with the right to charge everyone, regardless of rank. Hellenic-World Tracker is currently open for future new registrations. Registrations will close without prior notice. The Antihit & Run system is in full implementation. The message box on the main page is suitable for chat.

URL: http://tracker.stigalaria.org
Registration: Free

identification card
Galaria - Tracker is a continuation of FAK - tracker created by the Independent Student Movement of Informatics of Ioannina and the people who participate / participated in it. He currently leads the "Sti Galaria" team.


The website http://tracker.stigalaria.org was created with the purpose of collecting and sharing audiovisual material whose content and/or method of creation projects an alternative/replacement/anti-systemic discourse.

The purpose of Galaria - Tracker is to be a file sharing link with content that moves in the left and wider free space.

We encourage tracker users to keep torrents as close to the tracker's profile as possible, which is the responsibility of each of us. Specifically, torrents don't belong in the tracker profile:

# Sexist and fascist content
# They reproduce the propaganda of the regime's media
# Movies that do not contain a political - social background
# Closed source software

The purpose of its creation is to be a participatory hub for the distribution of material, addressing social issues and others, promoting free expression and collective creation.

URL: http://www.animeclipse.com
Registration: Free

We are a non-profit group with a hobby of translating Japanese anime. Our activity is called fansubbing. Subtitled by the fans, for the fans.

URL: http://www.vibes.cc
Registration: Just invite me

Our goal is to offer you quantity, quality and speed.
By the way, only some users have the right to upload.
We are a private tracker, you must register before you can fully access the site.

URL: http://www.black-tracker.gr
Registration: No need to register

The www.black-tracker.gr website was created with the purpose of collecting and sharing audiovisual material whose content and/or form of creation opposes the dominant discourse and challenges what exists for a radical now.

The objective of its creation is to be a participatory distribution center for material that concentrates or promotes the experience of social struggles, free expression and collective creation.

best greek tracker

URL: http://tbgt.info/index.php
Open registration

This particular torrent site is recommended to us as the best greek tracker… I hope they are right and become one of the best to serve thousands of greek downloaders.

URL: http://p2pgr.net
Registration: Currently, registration is done on a regular and periodic basis by invitation of members or by sending a message to p2pgrnet@gmail.com

The tracker is private and to access most of the features you need to register. Pay close attention to the rules when registering to avoid surprises. We strive to upload good quality movies and music, non-Linux software and xxx movies are prohibited. Uploading is allowed by all members as long as they follow the rules.

URL: http://www.d4ever.cc
Registration: Free (Registration will be closed without prior notice)

The tracker opened a few months ago making a dream come true for some friends.
It works without ads or donations, the only contribution being the fun of the members and the love of sharing.

At the moment registrations are open and all members have the right to upload.
The fun is guaranteed with the two radios that work, one of them non stop, and the torrents updated with the latest one released!
We invite you to the d4ever.cc company!! ''

URL: http://www.mydlms.com
Registration: Free (Registrations will close later)

Our tracker was opened about a month ago. We believe in the idea of ​​free sharing without ads and donations. We strive to do our best and help everyone who signs up find the files they're looking for as quickly as possible. There is a radio that keeps users company throughout the day, as well as a complete forum to resolve doubts and technical questions. Uploading can be done by all members and help in our effort. We are waiting for you at our company www.mydlms.com!!!

URL: http://www.private-torrent.com
Registration: Registration is closed and entry to the page is by invitation only.

Our page was born at the beginning of 2011 "amateur" in order to offer the possibility of sharing all kinds of material. Easily accessible to everyone, tech savvy and non-tech savvy. That's why we try to keep the page environment as simple and modern as possible. simple user.


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