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A list of 100 freelancing websites and where to find a job.

1/ Upwork: ( The world's largest online marketplace Elance-Odesk has started its journey under a new name. The company has been renamed Upwork. All kinds of jobs can be done here.

2/ Freelancer: ( This is a very big job field for freelancers. This is one of the best sites. Here you can bid for freelance web designer, writer or programmer, SEO and all kinds of jobs.

3 / Craigslist: ( This site has a map, with which you can start looking for jobs or employees right away. To find work from any continent you need to register here.

4 / People Per Hour: ( People Per Hour is basically a dual market. Here you can sell your services as Fever, again you can bid as a freelancer. However, the sale of services from the bidding system is more popular here. Here you can buy and sell all kinds of work.

5 / Flex Jobs :: ( Flex Jobs not only focuses on simple professional job search and flexible job options, but also provides legitimacy and guarantee with opportunities.

6/ Guru Guru: ( is a freelance job site where you will find different types of jobs. There is a lot of work to be done here on search engine optimization.

6 / Fiber Fiverr: ( Fiber is a site famous for the little things. The jobs here are ranked from 5. Here you will find all kinds of jobs.

7 / Damongo: ( This is one of many freelancing sites that focus on micro-jobs.

9 / Toptal Toptal: ( If you are a good freelance developer, then Toptal is a good job site for you. Other sites often have different types of work. But here the focus is only on the developers.

10/99 Designs: ( This is an independent site where designers can find everything about their specialties. Currently the most talked about freelancing site for design is 99 Designs. Design jobs are more available here. Here you will find a wide variety of types, including logos, business cards, websites, applications, infographics, t-shirts, cards, invitations, product packages, books and magazine covers.

11 / Crowded :: ( This site is a great place for techies with proven experience in software engineering, CSS, project management, open source software, social media, etc.

12 / Simply Hired :: ( This site is not only useful for freelancing, it is a great site for finding local jobs and estimating potential salary.

13 / Behance: ( This site is a very good job site for those who work with creative and unique ideas such as graphic designer, multimedia, etc.

14 / Envato Studio ( This site is a very popular job site, where you can sell your designs.

15/ Freelance Writing Gigs 🙁 Here you can find writing tips and helpful advice on how to build your portfolio and become more proficient at writing.

16 / Dribbble 🙁 Sign up here and find your job on the job board under the Hire Me button on your profile page.

16 / LinkedIn 🙁 This site is a very professional quality site. Once you register here, you can find work on their job board.

16 / Krop :: ( You can find website templates, creative portfolios, and many more challenging jobs.

19 / Mefi Jobs: ( On this site, you can see a job on a map and find out how far it is from you.

20/ Coroflot: ( A great website for design and media.

21/ Pro Blogger: ( This is for those who write very well. Here you can prove yourself as an expert content writer, tech blogger, content manager, and much more.

22 / Dice:; ( Dice is one of the freelance job sites where you can find trending job listings in business analysis, programming, project management, and more.

24 / Truelancer: A website like Upwork. All freelance projects are available online.

25 / We work remotely; ( This site is a great place to find remote jobs.

26 / On site; ( Freelance designers, writers, or programmers will find plenty of freelancing opportunities here.

26 / Hirable ( Hirable is a social site where freelancers and employers can work.

26 / Bunny Inc. Https: // This site is a creative place for talented professionals. Writers, designers and translators can work here.

29/ Contently: ( This is for those who write very well. With nearly 100,000 talented journalists, photographers, videographers and other experts focused on smart content marketing.

30/ Scripted: ( A great website for those who can write content.

31 / Aquent 🙁 Another home for creative freelancers, Aquent helps highlight their talents. Active is a leader in the implementation of creative, digital and marketing projects.

32 / Creative Group: ( looking-for-a-job) This site will help you find the right project. Designers, writers, and photographers can find full-time, part-time, or freelance positions.

33 / CrowdSource: ( Freelancers on this site are carefully selected and experts comply with quality control.

34 / Peer Hustle: ( This site is useful for finding opportunities in multiple job categories.

35 / 6: ( has been very successful in providing independent delivery services to companies like and Lonely Planet. If you want to work here you must first have a GithHub account.

36 / LocalSolo: ( The LocalSolo site is a place of communication for businesses and freelancers. Here you can register as a freelancer or employer for free.

36 / concert: :(

36 / Folyo: ( This is an independent site based on the ranking of the first position. You can apply as a designer and find suitable projects according to your best.

39 / Voice 123: ( This site offers job opportunities in the voiceover industry. You can be a premium user to get more bonuses.

40 / Mashable Job Board: ( This platform is designed for digital talent.

41 / Traction ( If you have a popular blog or social influencer, you can sign up as a Traction Marketing Partner here and start earning.

42 / The Muse: ( is a good website to search for jobs.

43 / Working Nomads: ( Here you can search for a list of the best digital jobs or post your own work. Get a freelance job in the main areas of this site, development, management, system administration or design.

44 / YunoJuno: ( YunoJuno is a freelance site that allows business owners to quickly access profiles of freelancers and hire them using the platform.

45 / Crowdsite ( If you are a good designer and developer, you can try this site.

46 / Joomlancers ( This site is only for those who work with Joomla. This is a great site for Joomla professionals.

46/Authentic Jobs: ( This is a job board made for designers, hackers, and creatives. Explore the site for multiple freelance job opportunities.

48 / Textbroker: ( is a content matching site for freelance writing, which means that the site publishes writing from different clients that are individually selected by the authors.

49/ Accountemps: (…/our-services/accountemps) This is a freelance job site for accounting and finance professionals.

50 / Crowdspring: ( Designers, authors, and developers may find this site useful. Registration is free, but the winner must pay part of the prize. Here, companies can collaborate with different freelancers and choose the winners of their choice.

51 / LivePerson: ( is a messaging platform that allows visitors to interact in real time on websites, mobile phones and social networks, enabling customer service and conversational commerce (enabling both e-commerce). For

52 / Mediabistro: ( Mediabistro is a website that offers resources for media professionals. New York City was established as a gathering place for professionals in journalism, publishing, and other media-related industries.

53 / Localancers: ( This site is a good place for both local job search and international outsourcing.

54 / Sologig: ( Engineers and IT professionals can find their best work here. Post a resume and find job recommendations.

55 / The Shelf: ( This is a great platform for targeted marketing, where freelance bloggers and writers work together in collaboration with brands, blending fashion, lifestyle, food and travel.

56 / Bark ( Bark This market is suitable for almost all types of work, from painters, photographers to party caterers.

56 / Wayup ( This is a good site for students looking for a part-time job. From here, on the one hand, they will be able to increase their work experience and, on the other hand, they will be able to earn some money.

56 / StackOverflow Careers ( This site is not just for solving problems, there is a lot of work available here. But if you want to work here, you need to get an invitation from Stack Career with an account.

59 / Write Jobs: ( Write Jobs is one of the largest sites for writers in the world.

60Freelance Writers Den/a>: ( This is a multi-service promotion site for freelance writers.

71 / Codeable: ( WordPress is an outsourcing project, a small community with multiple tasks for codeable developers. If you are a WordPress expert, this site can meet your expectations.

72 / Awesome Web: ( Become a freelance designer and look for challenging projects. This site contains jobs for blog and print designers, web developers, and other freelance specialists.

83 / WordPress ( This is an official WordPress job board. Here you will find plugin development, theme customization or WordPress site optimization. If you can do a good job with WordPress, then you can easily get a job here.

64 / Smashing Jobs ( This is a beautiful job portal with programmer, web designer and many other job benefits.

75 / WPHired ( This site is a great opportunity for WordPress developers. You can work as a full-time or part-time freelancer or intern on WordPress-related projects at WPHired.

7 / As the name suggests, this is a site where you can find jobs you like or can do at home.

6/ Crew ( Crew Focuses on web designers and app developers.

7/ This is a graphic design marketplace where creative people can easily find work.

69 / AirPair ( AirPair is a community site where developers meet and share their experiences. This is not a freelance job site, but here you will find a good network, from which you can get jobs that will help you develop your career.

60 / NYCastings: ( This site is a database of cinematographic works. Cinematographers, video editors, camera operators, and negotiators can look for different opportunities.

71 / Writerbay: ( WriterBay is one of the few independent academic writing companies online and is a legitimate academic writing company.

62 / The New York Times Jobs Market: ( Apply here to find career opportunities at one of the hottest media companies in history. Post your resume.

83 / Media Kitty: ( This site is for journalists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and other creatives.

84 / Rat Race Rebellion: ( Here you can find many freelance jobs from home and sign up for free email updates to stay up to date with the best deals.

75 / Twine: ( Twin is designed for music producers, graphic designers, filmmakers, mixing engineers, and singers.

৮৬ / Dunked: ( will help you create a professional portfolio. Photographers, artists and designers will have their items on this site.

6/ Find a photographer: ( The American Society of Media Photographers has created this platform to help its members communicate with their clients.

6/ SEO Clerks: ( This site is a very suitable place for SEO experts. You can buy articles, blog reviews, e-books, website themes, and software here.

69 / Landing Jobs: ( This is one of the best freelance sites for programmers. Here you can find a technical job in your favorite city, be it Berlin, London or Barcelona.

90 / Creative Hotlist: ( Career site for creative professionals. Browse exhibits and resumes, portfolios, and creative job openings.

91 / Photography Jobs Finder ( This site was created for event photographers, photo editors, digital operators, photo technologists, and other photography industry experts. You can join for free.

92 / Carbonmade: ( Carbonmead is basically a site designed with a million portfolios.

93 / Working not Working: ( is a very good site that is not a normal independent company. The site was created by registered freelancers.

94 / Vocalizr: ( Safe, secure, and easy to use, Vocalizr is a two-way talent discovery marketplace that includes an online collaborative workspace. Bridging the gap between spotlights and vocalists,

95 / I Love Creatives: ( This is another home for creative people. Movie directors, cauliflower designers, translators, bloggers and other experts can take advantage of this feature. Find a good freelance job

98 / Stage 32: ( Stage 32. Stage 32 is a US-based social networking and educational site for creative professionals working in film, television and theater.

97 / NYCastings: ( This site is a database of cinematographic works. Cinematographers, video editors, camera operators, and negotiators can look for different opportunities.

97 / Virtual Vocations: ( On this site you can find practical work organization tools. The company relies on a huge database of telecommuting jobs, e-courses, and job research.

99 / Skip the Drive: ( You can find more than 40 job categories without registering here. There are also some useful tools for freelancers, like telecommuting calculators, to help freelancers manage their time and save money.

100 / Wonolo: ( Wonolo from the world's biggest and best brand can instantly find your hours or daily work wherever you want.

Being self-employed requires a lot of patience. You won't get any work for a few months. Your annoyance will disappear. Also, you will hear about many freelancers on the net and you will be disappointed with yourself. But if you stick with it, one day you will get a job. Read a lot when there is no work. These will help you. Thanks for reading this long article.

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