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Top 10 Most Popular Online Meme Generator Sites

List of top 10 most popular online meme generating sites. Many people on the web are searching for these sites that you can use to create memes online

List of top 10 most popular online meme generating sites. Many people on the web are searching for these sites that you can use to create memes online for free. You may also be aware of some sites, but I guess they can be down or down. If you are looking for some really good and popular free online meme generator sites, then you need to follow below to find 10 sites to create online memes that are also free. Now, without wasting much time, let's start with the first site to create memes online.

How to create a meme through an online meme generator

Online meme generator

Create your own meme through the free online meme generator website

1] is a great place to create and use memes. In the meme generator, you can use memes uploaded or created by other people or site users. You can take a look at their gallery and you can find the only meme you want to create, they have a great collection of memes.

2] Creator of Rage Comics

Raise Comic Builder is another great site for creating free memes online. But the only problem is you will only find memes of angry comic characters on their site; Otherwise, this site looks good and provides good quality images generated through your website.

3] Quickmeme

Quick Meme is similar to This site also provides you with lots of memes, you can find the one you need with its random or featured memes tab. You can create a meme by clicking "Create a meme".

4] Zipmem

Zip Meme is another site similar to This site lets you create your own meme by uploading pictures or you can select memes from your gallery. The site provides you with featured and random meme browsing.

5] DIY

DIYLOL is another awesome website and mobile app for your fun needs. This site has its own meaning, like DIY - do it yourself and LOL - smile out loud. In DIYLOL you can select memes from the featured memes displayed on your site when it is opened. Or you can go for random meme options to find funny memes. You can create and upload your own meme on DIYLOL. If you’re an iOS user, you’ll want to know that they have an application for iOS users, which is a paid application, but for lifetime access it only costs $ 0.99.

Create your own meme

Free meme generator site

6] Troll. I

Troll.Me is a popular site, but due to its server failure, the site was shut down for a few months and lost market presence. But now the site has fully recovered and can be used to download and create free memes online.

7] Memcenter

Memes Center is another great website for creating and downloading memes. This site has a powerful feature which is that you can create GIF images using its meme generator and you can also find some GIF files in its gallery that its users have uploaded. To start creating memes on this site, you first need to register yourself, which will be very short and time-consuming.

8] Mem Creator

Mem Creator started with, which is now But both are accessible. Both sites have a simple interface and you will have three options when you open the site. The first is, start with existing memes, create and browse.

9] iMeme

Here comes a twist. iMeme is not a site like other meme-making websites, but it is an application for Mac and Windows users. This application has over 50 templates for creating memes directly on your computer without online access. This app is easy to understand and was created by Michael Fogleman.

10] You are memes

IB Memes is not as good as the website mentioned above, but still not so bad that it cannot be used. IB Memes is basically a Tumblr blog which is a meme generator site. In IB Memes you can easily create a meme by selecting a template from your collection and adding text above and below. This site is the simplest and easiest to understand meme generator from the list above, but frankly, it is better to use all meme generators than this site.


Above we have shared the best free online meme generator site. Hope everybody likes the list of sites mentioned above, try all the sites and comment on your reviews below. If you know more about meme generator site, please comment below and we will get back to you in 48 hours. Be sure to share the post as much as possible.

Thank you for giving us your precious time. 😉

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